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About Dave Muse


With his forth solo release, Forgotten Journey, Dave Muse is starting to make a name for himself. This might sound a bit strange for someone with three Gold and two Platinum albums under his belt, but that's his pop/rock alter ego.  Dave has been making music for more than forty years as a founding member of the pop/rock band Firefall, as well as occasionally lending his talent to southern rock icon The Marshall Tucker Band. In 2014, he was inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame as a member of Firefall.  While most of his musical identity is linked to these endeavors, instrumental music has always had an important place in his heart.

 In 1981, Dave released his first solo album, Tonal Alchemy, to widespread critical acclaim. It was one of the earliest examples of  so-called "new age" music which fused jazz and funk with a bit of experimental music. One reviewer called it "...a sound that reaches into your soul and alters your perception of what music can be." He continued to pursue solo work with Fantasies of Love, released in 1983. Other projects, and life on the road, sidetracked his solo ventures until the release of Firefall Revisited in 2016. This recording offered an instrumental, contemporary jazz take on some of Firefall's biggest hits and received good exposure and reviews. Forgotten Journey represents the next step in Dave's foray into the jazz music genre. Tunes on this release fall squarely into the contemporary and smooth jazz formats, with one jazz/R&B cover tune thrown in for fun.

When Dave isn't on the road thrilling audiences around the world, he enjoys time at home in Clearwater, Florida with his lovely wife Patricia and an unknown number of foster animals.

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