Dave Muse

Instrumental vibes that rock your soul!

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Booking Dave Muse

Dave Muse is currently accepting 2018 bookings in support of  his 4th solo recording, Forgotten Journey.  For a list of current dates, go to Dave's TOUR page. Professional booking inquiries should be directed to Jeff O'Kelley (jeffokelley@gmail.com). He will follow up with you as quickly as possible. 


Dave Muse can perform as a solo*, duo*, trio* or with a full band; drums, bass, guitar, keyboards and percussion (opt). Band and crew total is six (6) to seven (7) people. Professional backline (drums, keyboard, guitar amps, percussion) must be provided by venue/promoter for most shows. Dave's contract rider can be provided for complete details. Flights, hotel accommodations and ground transportation can be negotiated with performance contract. We can be flexible with terms for the right show, so please don't hesitate to contact us.  Dave is based in west-central Florida (USA) and is available for professional engagements worldwide. Dates outside North America will be considered with sufficient advance notice and appropriate compensation. 

* When performing as a solo, duo or trio, Dave uses backing tracks to fill out the sound.

Public Relations / tour support

Dave has an in-house public relations team that works with venues and promoters to build interest in tour dates via social media and local feet-on-the-ground efforts. 

Performance Video