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"firefall revisited"

Firefall Revisited, the new album by original Firefall member Dave Muse, was released on April 22, 2016. The album is available online at CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

With Firefall Revisited, Dave offers his own re-imagined, instrumental take on some well-known Firefall hits, as well as a couple of Dave Muse originals. The musical style of this collection melds the pop/rock feel of the original Firefall recordings with some contemporary jazz,  a little smooth jazz and a shot of Latin-fusion. The result offers something for both Firefall diehards and new fans alike.

The album was recorded from October 2015 - February 2016, utilizing studios in Florida, Tennessee and Colorado. With Dave taking the musical helm, a multitude of talented and respected musicians contributed to the project. A few notable mentions include keyboardist Ron Reinhardt (Richard Elliott Band, Mindi Abair Band), drummer Dave Reinhardt (Richard Elliott Band), percussionist Gumbi Ortiz (Al DiMeola Band), two-time GRAMMY nominee Pam Rose, former Spyro Gyra bassist Kim Stone, multiple award-winning percussionist Joe Lala (recorded before his death in 2014), as well as contributions by fellow Firefall members Mark Andes, Jock Bartley and Rick Roberts.


What the press is saying.......

"....Dave Muse finds a fresh way to re-imagine the group’s hits and renowned album cuts on his new album FIREFALL REVISITED. Putting his soulful and whimsical flute virtuosity front and center (with a little sax here and there), he enhances the picture perfect pop melodies with jaunts into spirited contemporary jazz, blues and rock fusion. Muse brings fans up to date with an explosive new Latin jam tune as well, "Nestor." ...."  ~JONATHAN WIDRAN, SmoothJazz.com

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Track Listing

1. Dreamers (4:57)
Written by Dave Muse. First appearance on Clouds Across The Sun (1981)

2. Clouds Across The Sun (5:05)
Written by Rick Roberts. First appearance on Clouds Across The Sun (1981)

3.  Dolphin’s Lullaby (5:32)
Written by Rick Roberts. First appearance on Firefall (1976)

4. Just Remember I Love You (3:09)
Written by Rick Roberts. First appearance on Luna Sea (1977)

5. Headed For A Fall (4:49)
Written by Rick Roberts. First appearance on Undertow (1980)

6. Goodbye I Love You (4:29)
Written by Rick Roberts. First appearance on Elan (1978)

7. Baby (4:12)
Written by Larry Burnett. First appearance on Elan (1978)

8. Mexico (4:43)
Written by Rick Roberts. First appearance on Firefall (1976)

9. Strange Way (4:59)
Written by Rick Roberts. First appearance on Elan (1978)

10. Nestor (4:36)
Written by Dave Muse



Dave Muse - Flute, Soprano Sax, Hammond B3, Strings on “Baby”, Alto/Tenor/Baritone Sax on “Mexico”,  Piano on “Nestor”
Ron Reinhardt - Piano, Keys, Synth, Strings
Dave Reinhardt - Drums
Tim George - Bass Guitar
Gumbi Ortiz - Percussion
Rick Price - Vocals
Pam Rose - Vocals

Special Guest Musicians

Mark Andes - Bass Guitar on “Goodbye I Love You”
Jock Bartley - Guitar on “Clouds Across The Sun”, “Goodbye I Love You”, “Headed For A Fall”
Alan Carman - Bass Guitar on “Baby”
Terry Clark - Trumpet on “Mexico”
Chuck Jones - Guitar on “Strange Way”, “Dreamers”
Larry Knight - Guitar on “Mexico”, “Just Remember I Love You”
Bill Kooper - Nylon String Guitar on “Nestor”
Joe Lala - Percussion on “Nestor”
Scott Myers - Trombone on “Mexico”
Dan O’Brien - Guitar on “Just Remember I Love You”
Christian Peele - Percussion on “Headed For A Fall”
Rick Roberts - Vocals on “Goodbye I Love You”
Kim Stone - Bass Guitar on “Nestor”


Recorded at Clear Track Studios (Clearwater, Florida), Coupe Studio (Boulder, Colorado), McMusic Sound (Nashville, Tennessee) & Hurricane Pass Studio (Ozona, Florida)
Engineered by Johnny Whiteside, Kyle Parker Smith, Bob McGilipin & Jim Forbes
Produced by Dave Muse
Co-Produced by Ron Reinhardt
Mixed by George Harris at Creative World Recording
Mastered by Brian Foraker
CD Package Design by Jeff O’Kelley

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