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Dave's House Concerts

Are you a huge Dave Muse fan? If so, invite Dave to your house for a private concert. 

What is a House Concert?

Dave will come to your house and spend the evening with you and some of your closest friends. He'll perform a 60 minute set, engage in some conversation, answer questions, take a few pictures, sign some autographs, eat your food and make sure everyone has a great time. Sounds like a blast, right?

How much will all this fun cost?

House concerts start at $1000 for a solo show within 200 miles of Clearwater, Florida. Dave will provide a sound system, instruments and anything else he needs to put on an awesome show. You provide the place, the people and anything else you want to throw in to make the evening complete. 

If you'd like additional musicians or live in East Egypt, Indiana, we can work out the additional costs to  make it happen.

A few important details:

  • Show Definitions:
    Solo - Just Dave performing live with pre-recorded backing tracks.
    Duo - Dave and one (1) other musician performing live, supplemented by pre-recorded backing tracks. 
    Trio - Dave and two (2) other musicians performing live, supplemented by pre-recorded backing tracks. 
  • Prices quoted are for show locations within 200 miles of Clearwater, Florida. House concerts can be scheduled for anywhere on the planet, but travel and production  costs will be added to the show fee. 
  • The show host is responsible for all costs related to staging the house concert. 

Inquiry Form

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