Dave Muse

Instrumental vibes that rock your soul!

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New Music from Dave

Dave's latest solo release, Forgotten Journey is now available for purchase or download.

This new project takes an evolutionary step toward a more contemporary jazz feel with a Latin funk vibe, moving away from the rock/pop/jazz sound of Firefall Revisited. But don't be mistaken, it is not  boring background music.  These tracks are upbeat, light and make you want to move.  

Use the music player to download individual tracks or the entire album. You can also use this link to purchase a physical CD. Check out links below to online streaming services as well. 

Stream Forgotten Journey 

Forgotten Journey will be available for streaming via more than 30 online music providers in the coming weeks. We'll post links as they go active with each service. Below are links to one that are currently available. Check out Dave's music via your favorite online service and be sure to share with your friend. If you like the tunes, don't forget to leave a review.