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Forgotten Journey

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Track Listing

1. Approach (0:46)  |  D. Muse

2. Forgotten Journey (4:10)  |  R. Reinhardt

3.  Over The Horizon (4:03)  |  R. Reinhardt, D. Muse

4. Love Will Find a Way (5:08)  |  D. Muse, R. Reinhardt

5. Que Sabor (3:48)  |  J. Garcia

6. In My Dreams (3:45)  |  D. Muse, R. Reinhardt

7. Delivered (4:26)  |  R. Reinhardt, D. Muse

8. Your Sweet Love (5:02)  |  R. Reinhardt, D. Muse

9. Unchain My Heart (3:41)  |  B. Sharp, T. Powell

10. Twilight Delight (4:37)  |  R. Reinhardt, D. Muse


Dave Muse - Flute, Tenor Sax, Synth
Ron Reinhardt - Piano, Keys, Synth, Strings
Dave Reinhardt - Drums
Tim George - Bass Guitar
Gumbi Ortiz - Percussion

Horn Section

James Suggs - Trumpet
Dave Muse - Tenor Sax
Derek Reynolds - Trombone

Special Guest Musicians

Nate Najar - Guitar on “In My Dreams”
George Harris - Guitar on “Love Will Find a Way” & “Unchain My Heart”
Steve Petry - Guitar on “Forgotten Journey”
Michael Reese - Guitar on “Over The Horizon” & "Twilight Delight"
Jorge Garcia - Guitar on “Que Sabor”, "Delivered" & "Your Sweet Love"
Abel Pabon - Piano on “Que Sabor”
Nicky Orta - Bass on “Que Sabor”
Rey Monroig - Drums on “Que Sabor”
Nalani Rothrock - Background Vocals
Kaleigh Baker - Background Vocals

Recorded at

Creative World Recording
Largo, Florida
Engineered by George Harris

Abel Bon Studio
Miami, Florida
Engineered by James Delta

Mixed & Mastered by

George Harris
Creative World Recording

Produced by

 Dave Muse

Co-Produced by

Ron Reinhardt

Executive Producer

Paul Jones

Horn Arrangements

James Suggs

CD Package & website Design

 Jeff O’Kelley

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