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The Creative Loafing (Tampa Bay) Best of the Bay 2019 competition has just started accepting nominations and we think it's about time Dave was recognized for this career and talent. Wanna help? Click on the image above to nominate Dave. If he gets enough nominations, he'll be on the official voting ballot starting in August. Nominations accepted until June 27th.

To nominate Dave: 
* Click the "Best of the Bay" image above 
* Go to "Arts & Entertainment" --> "Best Instrumentalist" 
* Enter "Dave Muse" 
You can nominate Dave in as many categories as you want, but "Best Instrumentalist" is the one we're targeting.

It's that simple. Thanks in advance for your time and help. Please share!

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Dave joins the cannonball family!

Deva Records is proud to announce that Platinum-award winning musician Dave Muse has been invited to join the Cannonball Musical Instruments family as a product endorser for the Mio® line of professional flutes. Dave is excited to work with Cannonball to promote the brand through his live shows, flute clinics, personal appearances and future recordings. Read the official PRESS RELEASE.

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Check out the Mio® line of flutes

Check out the Mio® line of flutes