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My Favorite Tracks (TBA 2019)

Dave is currently searching through his extensive archive of tunes from years past. Once he has settled on a number of tracks, this music will be assembled into a compilation to be released sometime in 2019. This tune is one of the first songs selected.

  • Campbell River Road - Recorded in the 1990’s during a session somewhere in Trinidad and Tobago, this song features Dave on lead sax, as well as all other instruments except the guitar and backing vocals.


Forgotten Journey (2018)

Dave Muse's latest release Forgotten Journey takes an evolutionary step toward a more contemporary jazz feel with a Latin funk vibe, moving away from the rock/pop/jazz sound of Firefall Revisited. But don't be mistaken, it's not boring background music. These tracks are upbeat, light and make you want to move. The CD includes 10 tracks; 9 original tunes and 1 surprise cover song. It features many of the musicians already associated with the Dave Muse sound as well as a few new faces.

Firefall Revisited (2016)

With Firefall Revisited, Dave offers his own re-imagined, instrumental take on some well-known Firefall hits, as well as a couple of Dave Muse originals. The musical style of this collection melds the pop/rock feel of the original Firefall recordings with some contemporary jazz, a little smooth jazz and a shot of Latin-fusion. The result offers something for both Firefall diehards and new fans alike.

The album was recorded from October 2015 - February 2016, utilizing studios in Florida, Tennessee and Colorado. With Dave taking the musical helm, a multitude of talented and respected musicians contributed to the project. A few notable mentions include keyboardist Ron Reinhardt (Richard Elliott Band, Mindi Abair Band), drummer Dave Reinhardt (Richard Elliott Band), percussionist Gumbi Ortiz (Al DiMeola Band), two-time GRAMMY nominee Pam Rose, former Spyro Gyra bassist Kim Stone, multiple award-winning percussionist Joe Lala (recorded before his death in 2014), as well as contributions by fellow Firefall members Mark Andes, Jock Bartley and Rick Roberts.


Tonal Alchemy (1981)

 In 1981, Dave released his first solo album, Tonal Alchemy, to widespread critical acclaim. It was one of the earliest examples of  so-called "new age" music which fused jazz and funk with a bit of experimental music. One reviewer called it "...a sound that reaches into your soul and alters your perception of what music can be."